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6 Packs

Purchase a 6 packs to enjoy more skiing at a discount!

Buy 5 get 1 FREE!


6packs can only be used online and expire at the end of the season. Once you purchase a 6pack online you will receive an email from Mt La Crosse with a coupon code, that coupon code is good for 6 lifts, rentals or lessons depending on what you purchased. 

When you want to redeem the 6 pack you can go online and purchase a lift that matches your 6pack (example: adult 6packs only work for adult tickets and night 6packs only work for night tickets), then click the "apply coupon" button in your cart. After coupon code is entered you will still need to walk thru the checkout steps to complete your "purchase" and the release form will still need to be filled out/checked off. 

Looking for Lesson 6packs? You can find them here!

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Type Price
  6pk All Day Lift - Adult $360.00
  6pk Night Lift Ticket - Adult $240.00
  6pk All Day Lift Ticket- Junior $335.00
  6pk Night Lift Ticket- Junior $215.00
  6pk All Day Ski Rental- Adult $220.00
  6pk Night Ski Rental- Adult $170.00
  6pk All Day Ski Rental- Junior $195.00
  6pk Night Ski Rental- Junior $145.00
  6pk All Day Board Rental- Adult $240.00
  6pk Night Board Rental- Adult $195.00
  6pk All Day Board Rental- Junior $215.00
  6pk Night Board Rental- Junior $170.00

No refunds or transfers on 6packs.